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NDECOR’s team of experts are equipped to offer the following services:

  • Accounting and Tax Services by Experts in the field

A one stop service whereby our associates will assist you with all your accounting and tax needs. Our experts have the necessary experience to give you the advice that you need to be compliant with SARS. 


  • Finance for Projects 

NDECOR management team has international exposure and hence also undertake mandates to acquire funding or investors for projects in and outside South Africa. NDECOR has funding partners locally as well as from overseas that have appetite to fund certain projects on the African Continent. Contact us with your project and let us do our best to assist. 


  • Company Turn-Around Strategies

Every company or organisations needs to relook their strategies to see if they are still relevant to the advancement of the organisation. The reason why most companies go down and lose market-share is that they stop producing fresh ideas that move with the changes in time. We at NDECOR will come and look at your business from an outside view as well as an inside view in order to formulate strategies specific to your organisation that can turn around the organisation towards a positive growth. We believe in “Birthing Greatness” in your organisation.


  • Acquisition and Mergers

At NDECOR we offer expert valuation services to set a baseline business valuation while we look at the business from acquirer's view point to ensure that clients get the best value for the business. Furthermore we understand the value of hard and soft assets and highlight the value elements that may not immediately be visible to acquirers. Our team has strong negotiating skills and understand the sentimental attachments of the parties and use soft and hard techniques deliver client satisfaction. We thoroughly understand the credit markets and various financing options that may be possible and their implications on the deal at hand.


  • Electrical Engineering

Our team of experts enable us to do the following jobs


  • Electrical Contractors
  • Cable Fault Testing
  • Certificates Of Compliance
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Smart Metering
  • Renewable energy plant design and project implementation
  • Overhead High Voltage Power-lines
  • Architectural Designs

We specialise on modern and contemporary architecture that is directly linked to the environment. We have experts in 3D architectural designs for both domestic and commercial clients.


  • 3D Animation & Advertising

 Contact us for the following:


  • Marketing Concepts and Marketing Videos
  • Multi Media presentations
  • Advertising, motion graphics and film
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • Business Plans and Business Training


At NDECOR we understand that often visionaries may not be able to put their business idea down in a fluent, clear and professional manner for it to attract that much needed funding. We will assist you in the writing of the business proposal as we ensure that proper research is done before we develop the proposal and make it ready for you to get the vision on track. 


Specialised and generic training programs are available for your business to ensure optimal growth and profit for your organisation.


  • IT solutions and Software Developments

If you can describe it we will script it!  Our professional software development team designs and develops  Mobile Apps, desktop and online applications; uses certified processes, Quality Assurance and testing, cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP and others to allow our clients to timely return their investments into all their specific software development initiatives.


  • Procurement


NDECOR provides innovative contract management and control process solutions necessary in administering purchase orders and subcontracts. Our procurement team comprises of unparalleled governance and experience to developing established supply chain solutions, ensuring that our clients receive what it promised, when it is promised, in a timely, well-executed manner.


  • Telecommunication


We provide the following services:


  • Telecoms Line installations
  • Maintenance and repair of telecoms lines
  • Lay underground cables including fibre optic lines


NDECOR has a team of great partners and consultants committed to “birthing greatness” and making a difference in South Africa and Africa as a whole.